“You Will Never Know the True Value of a Moment Until it Becomes a Memory”



Yesterday marked 1 year since I have made the big move to Tuscaloosa from Robertsdale, Alabama, a little over 4 hours away from home. This would be my 3rd college to attend since I graduated high school. I began my freshman year of college at Faulkner University, but came back home after my first semester and transferred immediately to the University of South Alabama. I was a x-ray technician major at the time, but then eventually changed to a nursing major. Once I started Weight Watchers and my obsession with nutrition took over, I decided to become a dietitian. Come to find out, USA doesn’t have a nutrition program, but I found out UA did. After a year of online classes through UA, I decided it was time for me to move up here and finish out my schooling on campus. What I didn’t know at the time was that my decision to move here would be one of the best decisions I have ever made and one that I truly believe was part of God’s plan for me.

When my mom and I began looking for apartments last January, we visited the Cottondale church of Christ to check out the college group. I was so overwhelmed by how welcoming and friendly everyone was and how many people I was introduced to. Heading back home that afternoon after church I told my mom that I was kind of sad to leave already. I also knew I had found my future church home in just one visit.

As I look back now on my first official service at Cottondale after I moved, my first impressions of the college group, the CLIC, come to mind. One in particular was with Lauren and Jeremy. Lauren was introducing herself to me and we were carrying on a conversation (I can’t exactly remember what it was about) and we realized we had something in common. Anyways, she asked me if she could give me a hug and I’m like, ummm….okay. At that time, Jeremy came up to introduce himself and asked if we knew each other. I said, “No, I just met her”. My point of telling about that encounter was just to show a very tiny glimpse of what the CLIC is all about. I have never been part of group quite like it and I can’t picture myself anywhere else. I felt immediately a part of everything and I had so many that were encouraging me and helping me out along the way get introduced and involved right off. The CLIC has helped me so much in my spiritual walk and have always been there to support me and encourage me.

It’s hard to believe I’ve already lived here a year now. So much has changed and happened in that time. I’ve made some awesome friends that will probably never know how much they mean to me. The memories I have from this year alone are countless and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. From my first football game in the student section and tailgating to discovering my new catch phrase of “Whoomp There it Is”, Pilates classes, Girl’s devos, Monday night devos, numerous spur of the moment movie nights, sing-a-longs, service projects, retreats, Week of Welcome, Pitch Perfect (and other random movie quotes), the coldest spring break I’ve ever experienced at the beach, craft projects, cross-stitching, blog-making, swimming (almost every day this summer), staying up LATE just to hang out or watch a movie, Summer Snow, the meals we’ve shared together, gymnastics meets, I mean the list goes on and on. I know there’s a lot I left out.

As the new school year is approaching, there will be several new people coming in and hopefully staying and being a part of this amazing group. I want all of them to have the same experience that I had and the same overwhelming feeling I had of finding a group like this. A group that truly cares for one another, wants to see each other succeed, and grow together spiritually, encouraging one another through all of life’s worries. I want to carry that over into this year and even step it up so everyone that comes by will be so taken aback by it all that they won’t need to look anywhere else. I’m already excited and looking forward to another year and the many more new memories to come.

“Two are better than one,
because they have a good return for their labor:
If either of them falls down,
one can help the other up.
But pity anyone who falls
and has no one to help them up.”
Ecclesiastes 4:9-10